Workforce Solutions

Canada’s workforce is both a local and national priority. Many local employers and industries need qualified workers across many occupations to help build and maintain their company and employment base.

REAL has worked to position itself as both a catalyst and a ‘broker’ to bring the critical players together needed to mount successful projects for workforce development.

Our focus is to build and develop the kinds of initiatives that will lead to employment and a qualified workers. We drive goals by the needs of companies and employees – the foundation and key to successful outcomes.

We work with, and within, numerous types of situations, from trade associations, business groups, labour groups, or apprenticeship systems. For Small-Medium enterprises, we offer customized assistance to build the skills and availability of a smaller but critical employee base.

Customizing. Focusing. Specializing. Incubating. Testing.

REAL will help you through key processes for assessing and creating effective action plans. This will help create the most effective paths for training and skill development needed to address your goals – todays goals and the future goals. Keep your business or sector sustainable and healthy.

Investing in workforce development is one of the most critical contributions that companies, communities and sectors can make. It will help ensure your own success in the short and long term. Building a talented, qualified, and motivated workforce for you and your sector will be the best return-on-investment for all parties engaged in our economy.

We bring the expertise and support to customize and build all the different pieces you may need to analyze and develop your strategic workforce plans. And we Project Manage the process to ensure you succeed, while you continue to focus on your growth and development priorities!

Some of the key workforce development services offered by REAL to assist each client in a pertinent, flexible manner include:

Workforce/Training Grant and Funding Applications

Environmental Scans & Custom Research

Pilot Projects – Testing and Evaluation

Corporate & Employee Needs/Gap Analysis


Skill and Workforce Assessments

Occupational & Certification Solutions

For consultation or information on how REAL can help your company, sector or community, please connect with us.