Research & Development

Building workforce initiatives is a multi-faceted undertaking that can involve many elements, partners and resources. REAL Services Canada is your ‘go to’ company to help you pull of these pieces together.

You’ve heard that phrase that ‘if you don’t know where you want to go, any road will get you there’. It’s our business to help you pick your destination, build your road map and help determine the best vehicle for your route to success. A key factor is often solid research to help you clarify, assess and develop the best solution.

Our Research & Development framework provides a key foundation as we work with you, and any partners, to design and build the strategic directions and actions to get you to your end goal.

We can handle some or all of the numerous tasks and activities needed in the comprehensive planning-to-implementation phases for your corporate, community or national goals.

We also tap into a range of expertise through our professional associates where required to ensure that the solutions are solid, comprehensive and address your current and future needs.

Some of the critical R&D services that we employ to support your workforce initiatives include:

Industry Sector Studies

Survey Implementation

Occupational Studies

Focus/Delphi Groups


Incubator Projects

SWOT/PEST Analysis

Testing & Evaluation Projects

Environmental Scans

For consultation or information on how REAL can help your company, sector or community, please connect with us.