Growth & Development

Comprehensive planning and collaboration are ingredients that lead to new initiatives and projects for building the workforce you need!
At REAL, we utilize our experience creating new pathways to meet the short and longer term goals for your workforce.

It starts with a solid PLAN FOR GROWTH & SUSTAINABILITY, something that REAL can lead, pulling together the right people and partners…then getting everyone focused on the right course.

Like most corporate strategies for Growth and Development, the need to set goals and objectives for creating a skilled workforce are equally important…and fully linked to the eventual success of companies and sectors!

Here’s how REAL can be your strategic partner in creating and executing workforce development initiatives:

From focused research to government relations to partnership development, REAL helps to build an effective plan for moving forward. There are many paths to take, so REAL will design a framework to make sure everyone is aligned, engaged and organized. This phase may entail different tactics for different objectives and can focus on writing grants for some funding, business development to engage partners, advocacy to necessary bodies or regulators, or integrating competitors in a positive movement that will have a return on investment for everyone. The seeds of positive workforce development are best grown in a foundation of solid planning and communication.

Ready. Set…AIM!! We have focused on conducting feasibility studies, pilot projects, incubator models and numerous occupational testing projects to help foster and finetune workforce initiatives. Creating and implementing effective business plans to ensure the road ahead is less bumpy when developing a new workforce initiative is the ‘readiness’ support we bring to the table. Monitoring, tracking, analyzing and adapting elements of your workforce strategy are key ingredient to launching and fostering the right foundation…the processes that REAL commits to in order to achieve successful outcomes.

If you’ve met with some success, or you need to re-set your goals and initiatives to meet the coming changes, you will want to invest in new strategies. The old adage applies that even if you’re on a good track you can’t stay still or you’ll get run over! REAL can help you to determine ways to scale workforce development, from duplicating a practice in other regions to replicating the model for other occupations. Success often breeds success, and in workforce development it’s important to understand the critical elements that are working effectively and be able to take them to new levels. We’ll help you determine the best expansion, modeling or streamlining of workforce initiatives so they can be brought to new places and new levels.

For consultation or information on how REAL can help your company, sector or community, please connect with us.