From strategic planning to project management, REAL is your ‘go to’ partner to help you build and develop the workforce systems that are needed for your sector or community.


‘Experience’ is a significant factor when mounting workforce development initiatives.

Through the leadership of our Executive Director with over 25 years of workforce development experience, we will be able to help you avoid the pitfalls, dodge the obstacles, and seize the opportunities for creating a solid path to success.   The full ‘macro’ situation will be assessed and understood so that the ‘micro’ actions, plans and tactics can be implemented in an effective manner.

There are 2 key areas where our experience will be a highlight: YOUR experience working with REAL and achieving results, and OUR experience in customer and client support to ensure the ‘means’ get to your ‘end’ goal.

What are some of the key ‘experience’ areas where we excel?

Project management. Coordinating the many elements, schedules, actions, budget and initiatives that are needed to ensure a workforce development initiative will succeed.  While we work with you to make sure we know the big picture, a key service we provide is putting all the right pieces in all the right place to bring it to life!

Strategic Thinking and Planning.  Creative, effective and often groundbreaking initiatives need to be properly analyzed and .  Brainstorming with partners, environmental scans, focused research…some of the strategic tools we use to get answers for supporting analysis and important decision-making.  Pulling all the facts together, gaining the intelligence from stakeholders, and crystallizing a critical path forward are key approaches we use with our partners!

Marketing, Communication, Sales.   The best laid plans seldom go awry if you are effective at getting the word out! It may be reaching your target audience for training initiatives, identifying collaborators or contributors, or making sure your positive workforce results are known so they can gain traction and adoption.  REAL works to build an effective communication and outreach strategy so that your audience is ‘in the know’ and your network expands to help reach even more opportunity.  Websites, digital and social media, mail campaigns, custom pitch products, or sales campaigns make up elements of the basket that we build to support your goals and mission!

Training & Development. REAL, and our ED and associates, are highly focused on building the training and development frameworks for the workforce development initiatives we work on.  These range from building assessment protocols and course curriculum, to facilitating training or certification processes with existing delivery systems.  While there are no 2 initiatives across sectors, occupations or employer bases that are the same, REAL applies critical learning and experience to ensure the overall workforce development framework is solid, built on the right foundation.  We work in such areas and collaborations as apprenticeships, certification systems, secondary and post-secondary, and custom industry training.

The REAL experience extends to other business and service areas where we, our associates and partners, can contribute to establishing a high quality outcome for your workforce development needs.

Technology Applications                           Finance & Funding and Fundraising              Business Development                              Community & Sector Development        Marketing & Communication                   Training & Skill Development


For consultation or information on how REAL can help your company, sector or community, please connect with us.